Trenex A100

Trenex A100

Trenbolone Acetate 10ml vial, 100mg/ml (Swiss Pharm)

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Trenbolone Acetate 10ml vial, 100mg/ml (Swiss Pharm)

Trenbolone-Acetate is a powerful short ester based anabolic steroid that is both highly anabolic and androgenic. Equal in both regards Trenbolone-Acetate is so powerful it is 500 times more anabolic and 500 times more androgenic than testosterone and if you understand how powerful testosterone is this should give you a pretty good idea as to why Tren can be so amazing. By design Trenbolone-Acetate is a 19-nor anabolic steroid belonging to the same class as Nandrolone yet far more powerful. Sharing many traits with testosterone Trenbolone-Acetate greatly and dramatically increases IGF-1 production in the body; this is important as IGF-1 is not only highly anabolic but a hormone that affects almost every cell in the human body. This is not the only trait, far from it but it begins to give you an idea of the hormones raw power.

While its IGF-1 increasing abilities are truly amazing Trenbolone-Acetate has an amazing affinity for binding to the androgen receptors which not only promotes growth but greatly promotes fat loss by increasing metabolic activity within the body. Its fairly well understood most all anabolic steroids have a positive impact on the metabolism but Trenbolone-Acetate is one of the very few that has a direct fat-burning affect and in a very pronounced fashion. Further, by its very nature Trenbolone-Acetate carries with it amazing regeneration properties enabling healing and repairing of the body to take place at a far more efficient rate; how much is it enhanced; its strength in this regard is nearly ten times the rate of the other well-known and powerful anabolic steroids.
In the end when we look at Trenbolone-Acetate we truly do have the perfect steroid in-terms of power and functionality and for this reason it will always remain a favorite by most. As you should have guessed from our discussion it is advised that testosterone always be stacked with Trenbolone-Acetate as the Trenbolone hormone is very suppressive to natural testosterone production and some testosterone is needed for health and not to mention a well-functioning libido. So whats the bottom line? The bottom line is simple, if youre looking for a perfect steroid and a true transformation this is the last and only place you need to look.

Recommended dosage : 50 – 200 mg / every 2 days. 


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